A Grade ll listed house with extensive landscaped gardens, gifted for the use and enjoyment of the people by Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens of the Stephens' Ink Company.

Visitor guidance

Picnics and Parties in the Gardens

Organised Picnics and Parties for groups of 10 or more are not permitted within the Gardens without prior permission.    Picnics for small groups of less than 10 are permitted without prior permission.   The limit for such events is a maximum of 20 persons, they should only take place on the middle and upper lawns, the use of any space is not exclusive and other visitors should not be restricted in any way from their enjoyment of the gardens.Events should not last longer than 2 hours. Applications should be made in writing to info@stephenshouseandgardens.com. A reasonable administrative donation of not less than £60 will apply, details on application.   

Please note that the lower green and the terrace next to the house are not available for organised picnics and parties. The terrace can be hired in conjunction with rooms in the house.

Permitted Picnics and Parties, in line with the general regulations for the use of the gardens, should not use any glassware, fix anything to trees or into the ground, erect gazebos, tents or other structures, cook or barbecue any food, and be aware of the rules relating to the consumption of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol, other than that purchased on site, is not permitted anywhere on the estate. They should clear up their litter and take it away with them.  Black bags left piled up by litter bins encourages the birds, squirrels or the foxes to make an awful mess that either our staff or our volunteers then have to clear up, which is not fair on them.  We do not allow baloons or bunting as these are harmful to the environment

Please note that there are toilets available for public use within the Stables during the hours that the cafe is open to the public, toilets in the house are only available to those attending events within the house.


Planting, removing, pruning or otherwise tending any plant is expressly forbidden


Dogs are permitted in the grounds but their handlers must observe the following regulations.

1     Dogs must be under supervision and proper control, and must not cause a nuisance to other people or any creature.

2     Dogs must be kept on a fixed length lead (max 2 metres) on the paths surrounding the lower green and on the terrace.   Long, extendable or retractable leads must not be used.

3     Dogs are not permitted on the lower green, in the children’s playground or in the pond.

4     The person in charge of a dog must immediately clear up any dog faeces, and deposit the waste in the special bins provided for that purpose. They must not use the ordinary litter bins.

Only assistance dogs are allowed inside the Cafe and the House. All other dogs are not permitted.

Copies of Barnet Borough Bye Laws on Dogs can be downloaded from this page.


Bicycles or similar non power-driven vehicles may be ridden on level metalled paths only, apart from: The west path from the Avenue Entrance to the Terrace entrance, including the terrace, and the south path from (and including) the terrace past the rear of the stables as far as the path entrance from the stable yard.

Please do not ride bicycles on lawns or through planted areas.

Electric/power driven scooters are not allowed in the  Gardens (except mobility scooters and chairs)


The flying of drones is not permitted in the Gardens

Amplified Music

We wish to keep the Gardens as a place of peace and enjoyment - the use of amplified music is not permited 

Complaints and Incident Reporting

Public complaints

If a member of the public wishes to make a complaint, he or she should be directed to the Trust’s main office, where a complaints book is maintained.
The General Manager should review all complaints on his or her next working day after they are entered in the complaints book, should acknowledge them in writing or by email the same day, and should respond in full after investigation of the complaint.

Incident Reporting

The Trust is always grateful to know of any incidents within the house and gardens that may cause concern to our visitors.

Should you wish to report an incident or make a complaint please contact manager@stephenshouseandgardens.com

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